Case Study: My team and I owned over 40+ clinics "These guys are the real deal"

In the Spring of 2020, I met Dr. Matt Christenson, who bought one of my lasers and he started buying my lights to treat patients. I noticed that he was buying a LOT more of my lights than most doctors typically would. Of course, since I sell them to him, that really caught my attention.

“What is this guy doing different than ALL the other doctors?”

This is Dr. Randy Rinkleib, CEO/Owner from and I wanted to share something with you that I learned and experienced recently that was both a surprising and remarkable experience to me.

I have been around this chiropractic profession for a long time. 35 years as a chiropractor including 20 years of selling and building lights and lasers for use in chiropractors offices. At one time my team and I owned over 40+ weight loss clinics across the country.

So, believe you me when I say, “I’ve seen and heard and done it all in chiropractic.” I mean it. My typical approach to anything new in chiropractic is “show me.” I expect to be generally disappointed as well, because that is what experience has taught me that I will typically feel.

I met Dr. Matt Christenson, who bought one of my lasers and he started buying my lights to treat patients. I noticed that he was buying a LOT more of my lights than most doctors typically would. Of course, since I sell them to him that really caught my attention. 

I wondered; “What is this guy doing different than all the other doctors?”

Then one day he told me that he and one of his mentors Dr. Rob Scranton were going to start teaching other doctors what they were doing and did I want to come and share my technology.

Like I said, I was very curious because he was buying so many more of my lights compared to most doctors and so I immediately said yes because I wanted to see for myself what they were doing.

I learned that they had decided to start doing this training because they had been part of several management groups and consulting groups that had promised to teach them how to treat these interesting niche conditions that had a very high demand but they were not given what they were promised. They just figured it out on their own and had so many requests to share that information they decided to start teaching it.

Now they were doing several things that I considered too not be very smart.

They were going to start teaching this in middle of Covid. They were going to start teaching it during Covid in the middle of winter in Salt Lake City Utah when nobody was wanting to travel. I thought to myself “Okay, guys this doesn’t seem too bright.”

Then they did something I thought was even dumber.

Because of a Governors mandate and restrictions becoming more ominous in Utah they told me, “Randy we’re going to switch the training bootcamp from Salt Lake City to Fargo, North Dakota and move it up a month and by the way we’re going to hold it the week before Christmas”.

Now I thought, boy these guys could pass for Harry and Lloyd because that just sounds Dumb and Dumber.

But when I went to the seminar and they opened their mouths to speak I was amazed because I had no idea how these guys were going to pull this off.

A first-time event that they had never done before. They had to prepare all the content from scratch. They gave themselves a month less to prepare than they had originally planned on and they were going to hold it in one of the coldest places in the country, in the middle of winter, during a Covid pandemic when a lot of people weren’t wanting to travel and they were going to hold it literally one week before Christmas.

Okay, makes perfect sense.  NOT.

You know what though. I was blown away. They sold out the event. They were stuffed to the walls with doctors peering around doorways to get a better look. AND, they delivered what in my opinion was the best, content rich event, in other words no fluff and no bull, that I have been to in the last 35 years. I just went out of curiosity as a vendor to see what they were up to.

I found myself participating as an attendee and taking copious notes because I had some relatives with knee problems that I knew this could help. 

In fact, one of the doctors in attendance had severe knee pain. They demonstrated their knee pain treatment protocol on him and the change was so profound that doctor started crying on stage in front of everyone because of the relief he experienced.

Now I share that with you because:

A lot of you receiving this letter have bought my lasers and lights in the past. Quite frankly this letter is a little self-serving, because yes I want you to buy a whole ton more of my lights.

I can also tell you these guys are the real deal. They’ll shoot you straight, tell you the way it is
and if you take their training, you’re going to start selling a whole bunch of $5000-$8000 care
plans, fixing a whole lot of knees and enjoying a far better lifestyle than you have right now.

How do I know? 

Because they’ve now had 4 of these trainings. I’ve been to every one of them. Each one is bigger and better than the one before and if you don’t get trained on this the guy down the street from you will. 

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all these doctors and then seeing them implement what they learn. They are buying a heck of a lot more of my lights and so I know they are making a heck of a lot more money!

I also know that tools are just tools without the knowledge of how to use them. I truly believe I
have the best tools. I know these guys have the most effective treatment protocols I’ve ever
seen and will teach you how to be a master tool-smith.

So, there it is. I’ve said my piece. If you want to check out their next event you can click here

Better yet give Susan a call over there at Clinic Masters. Call her at 1-801-383-0422. She can give you all the details and answer all your questions just to see if you’re a good fit and if this is right for you. She’s great and will take good care of you.

You’ll love talking to her even if you decide not to come. If you do come, I know I’ll be there and I’d love to shake your hand. 

Thank you,
Dr. Randy Rinkleib

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